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          Discover our advice about hiking tips

          How do you prepare?

          Whether you're just going walking for a few hours, trekking for a day or several days in the mountains, we have the right backpack for you!

          What equipment do I need?

          Make sure of a happy camping holiday by choosing the right tent, thanks to these tips from Jean-Baptiste Bonnafous, Tents Product Manager!

          Key points for successful camping

          Could you use a bit of help to make sure you leave nothing behind? Why not use our check-list of indispensable camping gear? You'll see that you won't be needing the same gear for wild camping and staying at a campsite, and it's best to find out before packing and setting out for the open air.


          Quechua is a brand born with a passion for the mountains and the mountain environment.

          Our location at the foot of the Mont Blanc, puts us in close proximity to the Mountains and our users. Quechua product range includes textiles, footwear, tents, backpacks, equipment... suitable for all ages groups and sport activities, ranging from hiking, speedhiking, camping, Nordic skiing and ski touring.

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