1 x HELIUM Quick Hiking Pole – White

Réf :
Key feature
Planned for fast hiking, or speed hiking. Its qualities are: The grip, the lightness and a good feel, thanks to a handle grip. 2 strands for more rigidity and dynamism.

User benefits

Ergonomic grip
very comfortable EVA handle with adjustable wrist strap and built-in grip
internal screw adjustment system. Folded length 82cm Unfolded: 130 cm
Weight: 210 grams
Compact design
Pole Length: 82 cm Unfolded: 130 cm
Easy transport
2 sections for easy storage and carrying on the backpack

Technical card

EVA foam grip
Number of parts
Summer and Winter
Pole : 100.0% Aluminium Handle : 80.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), 20.0% Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Approved by
Our field testers: all our poles are tested in use, by users who are representative of those for whom the products are designed, under conditions similar to those that you can find in use. Our Field Test Missions team up our product managers with people not affiliated with QUECHUA to test, improve and validate our products.
Laboratory bending and compression tests are carried out on the unfolded stick to ensure its effectiveness and resistance if the hiker has to heavily rely on it. Tests are also carried out to assess how the tightening systems cope with pulling, tightening and repeated stress, and pull tests on the tips and handles simulate poles getting stuck when in use.
Designed to
For speed hiking or quick hikes
2 years


Storage Tips
store the poles in a dry place, do not tighten the sections
Restricted use
Do not attach to backpacks in very stormy periods.


How to adjust your walking poles?
Hold the poles with your arms bent at a right angle. To adjust them: Unscrew the middle strand, underneath the ring of the lower strand, locate the size of the desired stick (in centimetres), and screw back firmly but do not overtighten; repeat with the lower section. NEVER GO OVER THE "STOP LINE", or the pole may break during use.
User tips
Before leaving: Always check that your sticks are tight. During descents, or during strong pushes in the mountains, for example, you can adjust the sticks to make them longer. When walking downhill, it's best to remove the strap so the pole won't get in your way if you fall.
Summer washer (small diameter) unscrewable, supplied. Compatible with winter washers, wider.