8 activities to keep your child entertained when hiking

If you decide to go hiking with your children, remember to plan fun, motivating activities so they don't start dragging their feet after only 5 minutes. Children need a series of small, easily accessible challenges to keep them interested in the walk and manage their excess energy. It's also a chance to revisit your youth and share some precious moments with them.

Tip: invite at least one of your child's friends along to ensure he enjoys a truly unforgettable day. There's nothing more important that sharing these moments with people his own age.


Build a hut


  • A very long, sturdy branch
  • A sturdy Y-shaped branch
  • Branches of varying lengths

Time/number of people

30 min/2 people


Step 1: Look for some sturdy wood: a long branch for the top of the hut, a Y-shaped branch to support it and branches of varying sizes to make the two walls.

Step 2: Stick one end of the longest, sturdiest branch in the ground and support the other end with the Y-shaped branch.

Step 3: Cover the sides with the remaining branches.

Step 4: Cover this frame with leaves or snow, depending on the season.




Telling the time using the sun and your hands


  • Your two hands
  • An unobstructed view

Time/number of people

5 min/1 person


Step 1: Find a clearing and position yourself facing the sun.

Step 2: Extend your arms with your palms facing you, fingers together and the bottom of your small finger level with the horizon.

Step 3: Stack your hands one on top of the other until you reach the sun.

Step 4: Calculate the number of hands and fingers used between the horizon and the sun, 1 finger = 15 minutes.





Decontaminating water


  • A plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Charcoal
  • A bit of fabric

Time/number of people

1 hour/2 people - Note: always carry out this activity with an adult. If in any doubt, do not drink the filtered water.


Step 1: Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle.

Step 2: Position the bottle upside down and insert, in the following order, the scrap of fabric, a layer of charcoal, a layer of sand and a layer of gravel.

Step 3: Pour water into the top and wait until it works its way through the bottle. Collect it in a receptacle.

Step 4: Re-filter as many times as necessary.



Building a water mill


  • Circular cheese box lid
  • Wooden crate
  • Wood stake
  • Saw
  • Glue
  • Y-shaped branch, both sections should be roughly the same size

Time/number of people

45 min/2 people including one adult


Step 1: Cut the crate into 8 strips and cut a notch in each to help attach them to cheese box.

Step 2: Make a hole in the middle of the cheese box and insert wooden stake.

Step 3: Insert and glue strips onto cheese box.

Step 4: Place contraption on ends of Y shaped branch in a stream, sufficiently low so that the water can push the wood strips.



Post a safari photo on Instagram


  • A few sheets of card
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • A Stanley knife
  • One telephone per person

Time/number of people

30 min or on-going activity, lasting duration of day's hike/1 or more


Step 1: Cut out letters forming names of objects or colours to find during your hike (for example: fir tree, bark, bird, water, blue, green, grey etc.).

Step 2: Hand out cards to participants.

Step 3: Take photos of the items, positioned behind the card so you can see them through the cut-out text, and then share them with friends on Instagram.

Step 4: Award prizes for the best photos, on the one hand, and the most liked photos, on the other.



Make a flower crown


  • Daisies (or any other flowers provided they have long stems and aren't a protected species)

Time/number of people

10 min/1 person


Step 1: Pick daisies taking care to keep a long enough stem.

Step 2: Tie one daisy around the stem of another daisy.

Step 3: Gather the two stems together, then tie another daisy and continue in the same fashion; join the two ends of the crown by sliding the remaining stems into the stems of the first daisies.



Play detective with animal tracks


Time/number of people

On-going activity throughout hike/1 person minimum


Step 1: Keep an eye out for animal tracks on the ground or in the snow with our article here 

Step 2: Find the matching print in your track identification cards. The one who finds most tracks wins.



Hunting for treasure with a geocaching app


Time/number of people

30 min - 1 hour/minimum of 1 person


Step 1: Connect to the app and look at hiding places nearby.

Step 2: Solve puzzle that leads to hidden object.

Step 3: After you've found the hiding place, record your visit on the piece of paper provided and put the box back in the same place, for the next geocachers.


What's your favourite activity to do with your kids? Let us know in the comments below