The advantages of cross-country skiing

Rudy Gouy, Cross-country Ski Instructor, explains to you why cross-country skiing is a comprehensive sport and the ideal winter training for cross-country runners.

Rudy, in your opinion, what are the physical advantages of cross-country skiing for a cross-country runner?

First of all, cross-country skiing lets you put in a significant number of training hours, so you are doing a lot of work in cold conditions. These conditions would be difficult to get while practising other activities.Also, cross-country skiing limits the shocks the body undergoes and increases the respiratory capacity of those practising it. It is important to note that the founders are the sportspeople in whom we see the greatest VO²max (maximal oxygen consumption in muscles).This sport lets you significantly strengthen the muscles in your upper body and increases muscle gain, essential for cross country runners and important for all other sporting activities.

And on the mental side?

Obviously from a “mental” point of view, cross-country skiing is also beneficial: firstly, you adapt your sporting practice to the rhythm of the seasons. Then, you enjoy the unforgettable skating sensations as much as possible. Lastly, you can vary the joys of training in virgin snow environments. You recuperate mentally; you can clear your head thanks to a comprehensive discipline and a different environment.

What advice can you give those who don’t know about cross-country skiing and would like to have a go?

Obviously, it is important to approach a ski school to acquire the right movements before going off on your own, or among friends in wonderful snowy environments. You need to be happy “technically” on your skis.