Are you familiar with Dog-Snowshoeing ?

It's the perfect time to go for a effective and amusing snowshoeing outing. Anyone can join in this activity... What's more, why not do something different and share your hike with a team of sled dogs by going on a dog-led snowshoe expedition. It's sure to leave you with some unforgettable memories!

How does it work? Once you have put on your snowshoes, you are towed by a dog using a harness and lead.  It requires more effort than it may seem and the relationship you form with your dog is very fulfilling! Dog-led snowshoeing is a perfect compromise between the sled dog and a conventional snowshoeing expedition that is sure to appeal to everyone. This activity provides an opportunity to experience something new while making the most of the joys of the snow.

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You don't need to worry about your assigned companion. The musher, who knows the dogs and their habits extremely well, will give you a dog that is suited to your physical ability, your mood and the personality of the different participants.  


Requiring more effort than it may appear: once you get going, you will cover a significant distance. The dog's energy will motivate you and the uphill sections will become almost painless! However, take care on the downhill sections as a dog that is in a hurry is sure to exercise your muscles as you hold the dog back... This activity is therefore ideal for letting off some steam!

You would like to go dog-led snowshoeing but you do not know how to dress or what shoes to wear? Find out how to get the right gear.

In summer or when there is not enough snow, take off the snowshoes and go on a dog-led hike for an equally memorable experience!


In order to find mushers that are local to you - or near to your holiday destination - you can turn to your local tourist information offices.

If you get to try out this activity, feel free to tell us what you thought about it in the comments.

Enjoy your outings!