Ski touring lets you experience the thrill of strenuous physical exercise on the way up and the joy of glorious descent on the way down. Make first tracks down virgin mountain slopes with complete abandon! This discipline can sometimes appear quite daunting at first, so check out our tips on how to get started right and improve your skills safely while in the mountains.

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How do you prepare?

The well-known beacon, probe & shovel trio are indispensable for winter hiking. Are you kitted out to enjoy soft stretches of fresh snow in complete safety?

Essential points for correct preparation

To help you choose your equipment Vincent Deboissy, backcountry skiing product manager, gives you some advice.

Essential points for correct preparation

"Have fun yes, but safety first! »
Backcountry skiing is practised off piste and away from trails. It is therefore vital to know the mountain, to be prepared and to be well equipped. Sara Berthelot, a Quechua technical partner, gives you her safety advice to be used liberally so that backcountry skiing stays good fun!

How do you prepare?

During winter and spring snow is transformed by sun and wind. The snowy covering alters. To progress under the safest conditions and anticipate, it’s best to be able to read the snow. Mountain guides give you the right information.

Essential points for correct preparation

Cross-country skiing is bound to appeal to you if you want to test your endurance, sliding smoothly and nature. It's a mix of Alpine and Nordic skiing, which you can practise for free, and you can do it as soon as the first snow has fallen: the mountain's the limit!

Successful hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity which fuses discovery and physical exercise. The duration, extreme heat and cold and altitude demand lots of energy from the body. The longer the hike, the more preparation is required. Do not forget meals, snacks and primarily, drinks to make your hike a success.

How do you prepare?

Are you sure you have correctly adjusted your hiking backpack? Do you know how all the adjustment straps are used? Discover how to correctly adjust your backpack to ensure maximum comfort during outings!