Behind the scenes : the 10 years warranty of Quechua backpacks

You ask a lot of your backpack, which is only normal!

Your best travelling companion, it needs to be able to follow you to the ends of the earth. So that you can enjoy even more adventures, we guarantee all our rucksacks for 10 years, from the smallest to the largest size. And to keep your bag in good condition for even longer, check out our care routine for looking after and storing your bag in 5 simple steps.


If a bag gets damaged over time due to wear and tear, you can have it repaired rather than buying a new one. The 10-year Quechua guarantee offers repairs in regional workshops in connection with Decathlon stores' workshops.



To allow us to offer such a guarantee, our backpacks are subjected to various tests: field tests conducted by users and product engineers, as well as lab tests to ensure product durability over the long term.




These tests validate the durability of materials as well as seams and assemblies to ensure your bag won't let you down on your travels.




Our rucksacks are designed using components selected for their technical qualities: the environmental impact is systematically calculated to minimise it. All these components feature on a proprietary Decathlon group database, guaranteeing the reliability of the materials tested one by one.



At Base Camp - Decathlon Group's international centre for the design and development of products created for mountain sports - a team of fifteen engineers, garment makers and designers work year-round to design the backpacks of future collections based primarily on one single criterion: the needs of demanding hikers.


That's why we test our bags with experienced hikers from both inside and outside Decathlon on the trails around Mont Blanc. These tests allow us to check the comfort and practicality of the bags during excursions of varying lengths. They also allow our designers and engineers to interact directly with hikers.

To understand how to wear your backpack comfortably and look after your back, check out our video here to find out how to adjust it properly.