All our tips on equipment, hygiene, kitchen, comfort, etc. Learn how to properly pitch your tent, set up camp, and fully enjoy your nights under the stars!

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Key points for successful camping

We often disregard the laws governing wild camping, so here is something to quickly give you an idea of how to enjoy nights in the great outdoors legally!

According to the French government's official website, it is forbidden to camp:

Equipment: care and storage

The simplest way to clean a tent, whatever the model, is to brush it, using a sponge and soapy water, while it is still up. You then need to rinse it thoroughly to make sure there is no soap residue. The most practical method is to use a hose.

Key points for successful camping

Condensation is perfectly natural. Humidity in the air simply condenses and settles on the inner surface of the inner tent when the fabric is colder than the air inside the tent.

Certain factors are conducive to the onset of condensation:

What equipment do I need?

Whether you've decided on a sleeping bag for camping or bivouacking, with or without an in-built mattress, there are numerous options available to ensure a good night's sleep in the great outdoors.

Key points for successful camping

Could you use a bit of help to make sure you leave nothing behind? Why not use our check-list of indispensable camping gear? You'll see that you won't be needing the same gear for wild camping and staying at a campsite, and it's best to find out before packing and setting out for the open air.

Key points for successful camping

If you want to prevent an unpleasant surprise from ruining your camping trip, remember to check your tent before you leave.

Key points for successful camping

Your inflatable mattress is very comfortable, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep and wake feeling great in the morning. However, it can get damaged if you don't take a few simple precautions before using it. So we advise you to follow a few rules to avoid any problems when you go off camping! Check out all our tips one by one: