Classic, skate, biathlon, nordic ... cross-country skiing is a well-rounded, accessible sport with a variety of disciplines, that lets you enjoy nature, both preserved and wild. Check out all of our techniques for getting started, improving your skills, and caring for your equipment. To the snow!

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Skating or classic cross-country skiing?

Are SNS Profile bindings and SNS Pilot bindings compatible with each other? Is it possible to attach SNS Pilot footwear to SNS Profile bindings and the reverse?

Skating or classic cross-country skiing?

Nordic Ski Instructor, Rudy Gouy, shows you the different cross-country skiing disciplines and the specifics of each one of them.

Rudy, show us the different kinds of “cross-country skiing” that you can practise…

Preparing for your outing

Rudy Gouy, Cross-country Ski Instructor, explains to you why cross-country skiing is a comprehensive sport and the ideal winter training for cross-country runners.

Preparing for your outing

Preparing for my cross country skiing sessions: Warm-up.

Preparing for your outing

Poles, boots, skis ... it’s not always easy to choose the best equipment to take with you during your trips out. Vincent, a mountain enthusiast and Nordic skiing product manager, will guide you in your search to find the right gear to suit your chosen sport.

Techniques to ensure progress

The skating technique allows you to move quickly when cross-country skiing. Amélie, Nordic ski instructor, and department manager at Quechua's Domancy store, explains how to develop your skills and improve your skating technique.

Preparing for your outing

The combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, the biathlon requires agility and concentration. It has a recreational feel which makes it approachable

Waxing and care instructions

Tips for looking after your Nordic skiing equipment properly. With Laurent, the ski workshop manager of the Domancy store at the Quechua international headquarters.