Discover the riches that autumn has to offer

Mushrooms, blackberries etc. .. Autumn has an abundance of riches. Dig out your hiking boots and come with us to pick the the most appetising fruits of the season!

"Feast your eyes ... and your taste buds!

With its warm colours, its wild fruit and its migratory birds, autumn has no end of good excuses for slipping on your hiking boots. Get out there now into a microcosm of unsuspected richness, for an explosive autumn hike!

Mushrooms on the forest floor are yours for the taking ...

Whether they are at the bottom of the valley or on the low mountain slopes, forests are full of surprises. Oaks, chestnuts and beeches welcome you in a symphony of shimmering colours.

You will almost forget to drop your eyes to the ground, where the brown cèpes (boletus aereus) play hide and seek under dead leaves. But be sure not to confuse the star of autumn, with its refined and inimitable taste with the Devil's bolete. Rare but toxic, these mushrooms can be identified by their red colour and bulbous form.

The other coquette in the woods is the chanterelle. Its bright orange colour and its convex cap make it easy to recognise. And what about its slight scent of apricots? It gives omelets a taste which will be the talk of your autumn evenings!

Picking and harvesting for gourmet desserts

Along the mountain paths a pretty berry catches your eye. From September onwards the wild blackberries take on a beautiful purplish-black colour. In tarts or jam, they will remind you of the flavours of your childhood ...

Is there still a bit of room in your wicker basket? We challenge you to pick chestnuts without pricking your fingers. The trick? Use your feet and your walking pole to extract the fruit from its shell. And then it's your turn to taste chestnuts grilled on the edge of the fire!

Migratory birds are in the sky

Your basket is well stocked now. Continue your mountain hike and gaze up at the sky: hawks, storks and even common cranes remind you that migrating birds are in full flight in autumn. Binoculars at the ready!

Soon, the last rays of the sun fall on the valley and it is time to go home!

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