Discover snowshoe hiking

Perhaps you will be lucky enough to spend the festive season or a weekend in the mountains this winter... Prolong the magic of the season with a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all.

The most beautiful snowy landscapes are yours to explore!


Snowshoes enable you to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes ,on signposted paths or off the beaten tracks! They enable you to access virgin areas, by walking on powder snow without sinking in.

Walking on powder



This activity is suited to all levels and all ages, simply adapt the duration and intensity of your route to your fitness. Don't hesitate to ask the local tourism office to find out the snowshoe paths available.

Financially accessible, snowshoes are the ideal activity to save a ski pass for a day during skiing holidays and discover the mountains differently.

In addition, they only require limited equipment: a pair of hiking shoes suited to the snow and a pair of poles to help you balance. Discover how to equip yourself.

They are also an original way to discover animal tracks. Find out how to recognise their tracks.


Are you ready to set off on the snowy trails ? Discover how to put on your snowshoes and how to use them !


Are you ready to set off ?


To not spoil your fun, don't forget the essential safety rules if you are going off-piste: use a guide and an avalanche search appliance (ARVA), spade and probe. To find out more on safety conditions and snow cover, discover how to read the snow.

Enjoy snow-shoeing this winter!


Need equipment before going? Discover the essentials for snow-shoeing