Do It Yourself: recycle your fleece into a hand-bag

Give a second life to your polar fleece and transform it into a useful accessory: a hand-bag to take everywhere.

STEP 1: CUTTINGtutoriel-video-couture

A – Cut your polar fleece following the seams.

B – In the core of the polar fleece, cut the 2 pieces that will make up the outside of the hand-bag.

Dimension of pieces*: 2 rectangles of 22 x 34 cm.

*NOTE: The dimensions indicated here are for information purposes, we used a   woman’s polar, medium size, and we therefore adapted ourselves the material available but you could adapt them to your polar fleece measurements.  If you have the possibility to cut large pieces, it will save you from the assembling later on. You can also use a bigger or smaller sized polar fleece. 

C – Cut the pieces which make up the 2 inside flaps, in the sleeves and what is left of the torso of the polar fleece.

Dimensions of the pieces: 2 pieces of 34 x 5 cm and 2 pieces of 34 x 13.5 cm (or 2 pieces of 34 x 18.5 cm if your polar fleece allows it).

D – Around the zipper, cut the piece which will make the pocket (the neck of the polar fleece was previously removed).

Dimensions of the piece: 15 x 9 cm.

- Then cut 4 additional pieces to add material to the bag to give it a more comfortable size and not be hampered by the plait of the zip when assembling   (we could make the bag out of one piece with a larger polar fleece or decide to make a smaller pocket).

Dimensions of the extensions: 2 pieces of 4.5 x 15 cm + 2 pieces of 14 x 4 cm.

E - Choose the links (shoelaces, cords ...) which will be used to close the cover (or buttons or velcro depending on what you have available).




A – Put the links on the pieces of fabric of 22 x 34 cm, and glaze the links (= make a holding thread on the cords).

- Then assemble the pieces with the interior pieces of 34 x 5 cm.

- Then add the following second inner pieces of 34 x 13.5 cm.

(Bonus: For the seams to be better placed between the first two pieces assembled, if you wish, you can make a cover stitch, a stitch invisible from the outside).

B – Assemble the pocket and its extensions.

- Flatten the pocket to the desired location on the outer parts of the hand-bag.

(Bonus: To help facilitate the plating, you should keep the sewing values* from the start using an elastic band or foam. * Sewing value = margins we keep to be able to assemble. There, we can put 1 cm for example. Once the pocket is pressed, pull out the line).

C – Close the 4 extremities of the bag by a seam, then turn the hand-bag over.

- Then topstitch 0.5 cm above and below the pocket.

Trick: You can also make the pocket or certain cuts with a different fabric (e.g. from another polar) to mix the colours!

It’s your turn!