Equipment maintenance

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Equipment maintenance

The boots’ water-tightness is guaranteed via their design, the possible use of a waterproof, breathable membrane, or via the option of a component like waterproof leather.

Equipment maintenance

They’ve been lying unused for the best part of the year at home. Get out your snowshoes today and give them a little spruce so that they can support you through the snow even further.

Equipment maintenance

After hiking, do not leave your socks rolled into a ball. It is preferable to turn them inside out and either hang them or lay them flat to dry, especially if you have to use them several times without washing them, for example on a trek.

Equipment maintenance

After hiking in humid conditions, it’s better not to leave mud to dry on your boots and let it get encrusted in the seams. If your boots are made of leather, the mud can have a drying effect on them and hamper their properties.

Equipment maintenance

You’re not sure how best to look after your down jacket? Don’t worry! You just need to master a few tricks. Emmanuelle, our product manager for the X-Light, shares all his tips to help you get the best from your purchase for longer!

Equipment maintenance

Discover our tips for cleaning, drying, storing and even re-waterproofing your backpack without damaging it with the Quechua recommendations!