Hassle-free camping

If you want to prevent an unpleasant surprise from ruining your camping trip, remember to check your tent before you leave.

Jean-Baptise, tent product manager, sets out his checklist of 10 key points.

1 - Take the tent out of its case to air it out. If you have room (in your garden or perhaps in a public park, for example), it's not a bad idea to set it up. This will allow you to refresh yourself on setting it up and taking it apart.

2 - If your tent was stored while still a bit damp, bad odours may have developed. It that's the case, you must open the tent, air it out, and wash it in soapy water and then let it dry thoroughly.

3 - If it has spots of mold, you may clean it up with a bit of soapy water. Rinse it well.

4 - Check the tent poles so that you don't find out that they will not work when you get to your campsite. If you have a 2 Second tent, check that no poles broke while it was stored. If you have a traditional tent, count the number of poles and check that there are not any broken rings. If that is the case, order your pole ring or your replacement pole in your Decathlon store.

5 - Count the tent pegs so that your tent can be well anchored to the ground. If you plan to camp on stony or very hard ground, purchase some 'hard ground' tent pegs (cannot be twisted). If the campsite soil is sandy you should purchase some specially designed tent pegs.

6 - Check the condition of the guy lines, cords that stabilize the tent in the wind, and tensioners for adjusting the tension of the guy lines. They are available as spare parts in Decathlon stores.

7 - Examine the floor mat to ensure that it doesn't have any holes. If there are holes, it should be repaired with patches that you can find in any Decathlon store.

8 - Check the door zips and other openings—they must work correctly.

9 - For the 2 Seconds, Base Seconds, and Family Seconds tents, please spend a few moments looking at the instructional videos to 'refresh your memory' on using the folding system.

10- View the instructions for your tent anywhere using the Quechua iPhone app. and the mobile website for smartphones!