Have you heard of the biathlon ?

The combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, the biathlon requires agility and concentration. It has a recreational feel which makes it approachable

How do I get involved with and discover the Biathlon ?

Of military origin, such cross-country skiing has now been extended to recreational activities available within ski resorts, in addition to the French athletes who demonstrate its presence in various international competitions.
You do not have to be a member of a club or adult to take it up, it can be a recreational way of learning to skate!

What is a Biathlon: it is a sport which mixes rifle shooting and skating style cross-country skiing. It is mainly carried out in competitive environments but is accessible to beginners thanks to the recreational methods and the adapted rifles.

1/ Safety:

Safety is the main consideration with this sport and it must be completed in the presence of a professional and within a specific shooting area. It is only possible to ski carrying a rifle when you are part of a club.

Within the recreational sessions offered by the ski resorts, the usually pellet or laser rifles (and not deadly) remain on the firing stand under the observation of a professional.

2/ The qualities required:

No specific quality is required to practice this sport! On the contrary, occasional practice or lessons may provide benefits.

In essence, concentration, management of effort, stress, rigour and relaxation are beneficial to this sport and ensure its enjoyment!

3/ Entertaining and accessible:

A chance to enjoy a nice, recreational and communicative time! Additionally, the supervisors are often former high level skiers or club trainers.

At 10 or 50 m from the target, upright for advanced participants, on the knees or laying down for beginners, there are many ways to learn this sport. Often, rifle shooting and skiing are carried out at the same time to ensure overall success.

Also, snow is not needed to complete this sport, it can be completed all year round!

4/ Where and when can I take part in group sessions ?

During the winter season, various ski resorts offer beginner sessions, free or at charge. Below you will find a non exhaustive list:

Grand Bornand for children (Haute-Savoie): 10 m rifle shooting for beginners

Méribel for all (Savoie): Biathlon for beginners

Vercors: all year round

Please find more information on available ski resorts here.

5/ What about taking it to the next level ?

If you wish to carry the sport out on a regular basis and improve, the only way to do this is join a club.

This sport is not available to everybody should you wish to complete it outside an organised establishment as it is primarily focused on competition.

Presently, an increasing number of younger people are trying this demanding yet exciting sport!