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Comment choisir des lunettes de soleil enfants - Decathlon
Your child's eyes are fragile and will keep on developing until age 12. That's why you need to protect them... Even if your little one reject them at first. To ease the difficult transition to accepting sunglasses, make sure you select a pair that fits his/her face and needs... and that will be easily forgotten!
comment choisir des lunettes de randonnée Decathlon Quechua
Hikes in the forest, trip to a glacier, or family walks… If you like hiking in all its forms, you know it's important to have a pair of sunglasses suitable for your practice. Almost as important as your shoes, hiking sunglasses ensure visual comfort and protect your eyes, even during exertion!
Comment bien nettoyer des lunettes de randonnée
Sport sunglasses, just like prescription glasses, should be cleaned with caution and with suitable products to avoid scratching your lenses and having a blurry vision due to dirty lenses. Find out how to properly clean your sunglasses with the right technique!
L'oeil  - Lunettes randonée Quechua
Choosing the right sunglasses is crucial to protecting your eyes. Don't forget to wear a suitable pair of sunglasses. This goes for you and especially for your children.