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Choisir des lunettes de soleil pour enfants - Quechua Decathlon
Your child's eyes are fragile and will keep on developing until age 12. That's why you need to protect them... Even if your little one reject them at first. To ease the difficult transition to accepting sunglasses, make sure you select a pair that fits his/her face and needs... and that will be easily forgotten!
How do you prepare?

Bien équiper bébé pour ses randonnées, c'est avant tout choisir pour lui les meilleures chaussures. Il est primordial de prendre en compte 3 critères : la semelle, le confort et le maintien.

Successful hiking

As your family gets bigger, giving up outings in the open air is out of the question, naturally. However, you will have to adapt your behaviour to the new arrival and even when your baby can walk at about the age of 3-4 years, don't expect your child to walk at more than 1 to 2 km/h.

Equipment maintenance

After hiking, do not leave your socks rolled into a ball. It is preferable to turn them inside out and either hang them or lay them flat to dry, especially if you have to use them several times without washing them, for example on a trek.

How do you prepare?

Hiking is an opportunity to share memorable moments with family, partner or friends. For a successful trip, you must adapt your hiking plans to those you’re with: what a child wants isn’t the same as what a group of friends would be looking for. Follow our tips and suggestions for places to go for an unforgettable experience, with your children, your other half or your group of friends!

Successful hiking

Have fun this winter, learn how to build an igloo.