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Discover our 5 top reasons to start fast hiking, or speed hiking, to improve your health and surpass yourself without hurting your joints.

How do you prepare?

Ubac, rimaye, bergschrund... all terms you are not familiar with? Discover our lexicon of mountain hiking terms, to get the best out of your next outings: 



How do you prepare?

Despite most people thinking that an altimeter measures altitude, it is more true to say that it measures the difference between the atmospheric pressure at a benchmark level (sea level, in most cases) and the l

Successful hiking

Mushrooms, blackberries etc. .. Autumn has an abundance of riches. Dig out your hiking boots and come with us to pick the the most appetising fruits of the season!

Successful hiking

If you're going to attack the peaks you could suffer due to lack of oxygen. Here are our tips for preventing the effects caused by lack of oxygen and thus avoiding "mountain sickness"

Equipment maintenance

The boots’ water-tightness is guaranteed via their design, the possible use of a waterproof, breathable membrane, or via the option of a component like waterproof leather.

How do you prepare?

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The ultralight trend comes to us from across the Atlantic, ultralight hikers choose to take only the minimum necessary for hiking in a pared down manner.