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How do you prepare?

GPS System

a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver receives radio signals from a series of satellites orbiting the earth. It uses these to determine its position on the globe as well as altitude and time.


How do you prepare?

Despite most people thinking that an altimeter measures altitude, it is more true to say that it measures the difference between the atmospheric pressure at a benchmark level (sea level, in most cases) and the l

Successful hiking

Discover how to optimise your comfort and your strength to enjoy your snowshoe hikes to the full: 


How do you prepare?

The well-known beacon, probe & shovel trio are indispensable for winter hiking. Are you kitted out to enjoy soft stretches of fresh snow in complete safety?

Successful hiking

Perhaps you will be lucky enough to spend the festive season or a weekend in the mountains this winter...

Successful hiking

If you're going to attack the peaks you could suffer due to lack of oxygen. Here are our tips for preventing the effects caused by lack of oxygen and thus avoiding "mountain sickness"

Equipment maintenance

The boots’ water-tightness is guaranteed via their design, the possible use of a waterproof, breathable membrane, or via the option of a component like waterproof leather.