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Protegez vous du soleil

Do you go hiking in really hot weather? you never do. Yet sometimes, caught out on a hike that lasts longer than expected or because you decided to walk for several hours, you end up caught out in the burning sun!

How do you prepare?

Ubac, rimaye, bergschrund... all terms you are not familiar with? Discover our lexicon of mountain hiking terms, to get the best out of your next outings: 



How do you prepare?

Spring is back and hikers are out in force again! Here are 3 tips for starting out on the right foot!


- Warming up properly

It's important to warm up properly, even for hiking.

How do you prepare?

GPS System

a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver receives radio signals from a series of satellites orbiting the earth. It uses these to determine its position on the globe as well as altitude and time.