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Successful hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity which fuses discovery and physical exercise. The duration, extreme heat and cold and altitude demand lots of energy from the body. The longer the hike, the more preparation is required. Do not forget meals, snacks and primarily, drinks to make your hike a success.

Equipment maintenance

They’ve been lying unused for the best part of the year at home. Get out your snowshoes today and give them a little spruce so that they can support you through the snow even further.


The medical kit should be regularly checked. The content must be able solve a few problems or allow the first aid.

Equipment maintenance

It is important to take care of your hiking shoes, no matter what they are made of, and irrespective of their performance. These four quick and easy steps will keep your shoes in tip-top condition!

Successful hiking

Do you only go hiking in the summer? Stay with us to discover how hiking is not incompatible with the winter. On the contrary, you will discover some new thrills and practices!

How do you prepare?

Walking in snow, mud, rain or ice can be difficult if you do not have the right shoes! Here are a few tips about the most important things you should check about your [hiking shoes] so that you will be at ease on all types of terrain.