Hiking Women's lookbook

Forclaz products are perfectly suited for your high-intensity mountain hikes.

This product range is characterised by freedom of movement, quick drying, and durability.

- The Forclaz 100 T-shirt is very breathable because of mesh under the arms and on the back, which allows sweat to evaporate. Additionally, we have redesigned this product so that the seams are no longer on the shoulders, making it more comfortable when you are wearing a backpack.

- For the bottom, we recommend the Forclaz 100 skort. It's a 2-in-1 product with a feminine look, the comfort of shorts, and is perfect for walking. 

- The Forclaz 200 fleece adds warmth while remaining lightweight, you can thus carry it with ease. It's also breathable because of its polyester mesh and easy to pull on with its full zip.

- The Forclaz 100 jacket, in addition to being warm and waterproof, is breathable because of ventilation zips under the arms and its mesh lining that helps sweat to evaporate.

Lastly, you can complete your kit with a Forclaz backpack—lightweight and functional with a 50 litre capacity—along with a pair of comfortable, versatile, and waterproof shoes.

This complete kit is available for less than £150. These products are also available in an array of colours, which lets you create your own custom kit to suit your needs!

You are now ready for adventure, we wish you all a good start! 


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