How do you prepare?

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Attention les UV - lunettes QUECHUA DECATHLON
We are exposed to UV radiation throughout the day. The skin isn't the only part of your body that can be weakened by such radiation. Your eyes also have a limited resistance to the sun.oleil limité.

Worn when hiking or when resting, compact or bulkier, to be worn in cold to very cold temperatures, selecting the correct winter jacket is not always easy...Discover our recommendations helping you make the right choice!

How do you prepare?
Ampoules éviter

Blisters are the most common problem for hikers, and the most restrictive! Sometimes they can force us to turn back or even cancel the next day's hike.

Discover why blisters develop and how to prevent them!

How do you prepare?

Ubac, rimaye, bergschrund... all terms you are not familiar with? Discover our lexicon of mountain hiking terms, to get the best out of your next outings: 



How do you prepare?

Spring is back and hikers are out in force again! Here are 3 tips for starting out on the right foot!


- Warming up properly

It's important to warm up properly, even for hiking.

How do you prepare?

GPS System

a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver receives radio signals from a series of satellites orbiting the earth. It uses these to determine its position on the globe as well as altitude and time.


How do you prepare?

Bien équiper bébé pour ses randonnées, c'est avant tout choisir pour lui les meilleures chaussures. Il est primordial de prendre en compte 3 critères : la semelle, le confort et le maintien.

How do you prepare?

Despite most people thinking that an altimeter measures altitude, it is more true to say that it measures the difference between the atmospheric pressure at a benchmark level (sea level, in most cases) and the l