How do you put on your snowshoes properly ?

Here we explain how to put on and adjust your snowshoes in a few simple steps, so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe hike in the snow.

1/ Slide your foot inside the snowshoes and position your sole in the centre of the space provided. To ensure maximum comfort when walking, your toes should be the same distance from the front as your heel is from the back. 

For snowshoes that have a liner, as well as tightening straps (as in the video), slide in your foot until it is touching the liner.

2/ First, tighten the straps above the foot.

3/ Then adjust the strap around the heel. You should feel that your feet are well supported.


When you take your first few steps, check that the snowshoe doesn't move and is properly attached to your foot otherwise you could lose it ! The heel remains separate from the snowshoe, which means that you don't have to lift the full weight of your foot.

Don't forget to use warm, waterproof, high-cut boots so you feel comfortable in your snowshoes.

[Some snowshoe models] have heel lifts which make it more comfortable when walking on inclines (as you can see in the video). Remember to use them to save energy. And remember to remove them when going downhill or on flat ground.

Happy snow shoeing!

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