How do you restore the water repellent properties of your jacket?

Does your hiking jacket seemed to have lost some of the waterproofing quality over time? Don't panic, here is how to get it back to how it was!

Water repellency is a fabric's ability to let water slide over its surface without seeping in. This way your jacket does not fill with water and remains light and breathable. The water repellent property is achieved with a treatment applied on the outside of the fabric, however with wear, the properties may change.

Bram, our jacket product manager explains how to wash your jacket to restore the water repellent property and consequently stay dry all the time! 

1st step: before washing

Close all zips and flaps and remove any small parts of the item which cannot be washed. Remember to also undo the straps and elastic parts and empty the pockets. 

Turn the item inside out to wash it on the reverse side. 

2nd step: washing

It is possible to wash your jacket using a synthetic cycle at 30°or 40°C using your standard detergent. Do not use softener which could effect the original qualities of the jacket; do not use bleach either. 

To avoid any nasty surprises, do not mix with items of clothing which are different colours or made from different materials. 

Try not to fold your jacket too much when placing in the washing machine and try not to overload the machine. 

Very important: select a lengthy rinse cycle or complete rinsing twice in order to completely remove detergent residues. 

3rd step: drying

The drying stage is essential to restore the water repellent properties.

We therefore recommend leaving your jacket to dry completely in the fresh air, laying it flat on the washing line. Warning never dry your jacket directly on the radiator.

Subsequently place it in the tumble dryer on a synthetic cycle for a short period of time, say 10 to 15 minutes before storing it away. Warning, do not overdry the item. 

If despite this washing and thorough rinsing followed by gentle tumble drying operation, water droplets no longer run off the surface of the jacket, we recommend "re-waterproofing" it using a spray or a waterproofing detergent sold within our stores.