Se Protéger du Soleil en Montagne

How to protect yourself from the sun in the mountains

Do you go hiking in really hot weather? you never do. Yet sometimes, caught out on a hike that lasts longer than expected or because you decided to walk for several hours, you end up caught out in the burning sun!

Of course, we can only recommend in such cases that you find shade and take a break.

That being said, sometimes we have to hike in the heat of the day, so here are our tips to avoid sunstroke!

In the mountains, especially at altitude, we tend to feel the heat less and forget to protect ourselves from the sun.

The best protection comes from clothing! 

Trousers, shirt and T-shirt make it easy to protect the most exposed parts of the body without even thinking about it.

But beware: not all textiles are as effective: a light cotton T-shirt lets some UV through, so it's important to remember to use sun cream underneath.

Ideally, wear UV-certified textiles that ensure optimal protection: long-sleeve or windproof shirts, for example.

The SPF 40+/50+ certification is approved by the European Union. An SPF 40+ index means that 97.5% of rays are blocked, 50+ means that more than 98% of rays are blocked.

Protecting your head is also a very important point to avoid sunstroke.

Headgear: a wide brimmed hat, cap or buff is essential. Some also protect the neck.

Sunglasses with protection factor 3, or 4 if you hike over snowfields, will be equally essential to complete your equipment

Remember to stay well hydrated throughout your hike, and take breaks in the shade regularly!

And if you set off with youngsters, please refer to our article on how to protect them from the sun.