How to put up your tent properly

To put your tent up properly, you must:

Stretch the tent on the ground by the loops at the bottom so it is stretched properly without any creases. Making a perfect well stretched rectangle is often a precondition for the tent taking shape correctly.

Contrary to what we all tend to do instinctively, the guy ropes (or halyards, or strings) which are intended to improve wind resistance must not be stretched too tightly.

If you stretch your guy ropes too tightly, you crush your tent, and reduce its height, making the door larger which leads to the risk of broken zips, the possibility of rain water infiltrating, and more discomfort caused by condensation forming in the folds on the roof, etc.

Dig your tent pegs in properly: The tent peg should be dug in at 45°, facing away from the tent so that it stays in the ground and does not "jump out" at the first gust of wind.