How to take care of your hiking shoes

It is important to take care of your hiking shoes, no matter what they are made of, and irrespective of their performance. These four quick and easy steps will keep your shoes in tip-top condition!


1 – Cleaning:

You should clean your shoes when they are dirty or covered with residues of soil.

You don't need any special equipment. A soft brush and warm water are quite enough.  Before cleaning the uppers, bang the soles of your shoes against one another in order to get rid of any remaining dust and mud.

Now, you can lightly soak the brush and get rid of any stains by brushing.

2 - Drying:

Even with shoes that breathe, we all end up with sweaty feet. And water can also enter the shoes from the top when hiking in the rain. In this case, it is essential to dry the shoes in order to maintain their level of performance.

  • Take out the insole so that the shoes can breathe and dry faster.
  • Leave the shoes to dry at room temperature. Never expose the shoes to a direct source of heat (fire, radiator, etc.), because doing so could deform them.
  • You can also stuff them with newspaper. This will keep the shape of the shoes and absorb humidity at the same time.

3 – Treatment:

Always thoroughly clean and dry your shoes before applying any products, so that the treatment is as efficient as possible.

Re-waterproofing sprays


Waterproof shoes that have been exposed to water several times can be re-waterproofed.

The goal is to restore the materials' water repellent properties, so that the water slides off more easily and does not enter the material.

This treatment can be applied once or twice a year.

Remember to read the instructions before using the product and open the windows to avoid breathing in any fumes.

Spray at a distance of about 20 cm and take care to spray the product evenly over the entire surface. Leave to dry for 10 to 12 hours, so that the shoes can absorb the product.

Caution: non-waterproof shoes cannot be made waterproof by this type of treatment.

Re-waterproofing grease

This type of grease is applied to leather to prevent it from becoming dry and cracking, so that it lasts longer. It also makes the leather water repellent and does not diminish its breathability.

It can be used on shoes with a membrane.

The grease is applied using a cloth.


4 - Storage:

Always make sure that your shoes are perfectly dry before storing them away. Store them in a dry and well ventilated place.Do not leave your shoes close to a source of heat and do not expose them to the sun's UV rays, for example in the boot of a car in direct sunlight.

If you do not use your shoes for a long period of time, stuff them with newspaper so that they keep their shape.