Lightweight equipment

> Origins

The ultralight trend comes to us from across the Atlantic, ultralight hikers choose to take only the minimum necessary for hiking in a pared down manner.

To set off walking without running out of anything we can take inspiration from the ultralight hikers.

An ultra-light backpack and a jacket weighing just a few hundred grams are the accessories you need to make sure you survive.

> Tips

Wear multi-purpose products such as trousers which convert into shorts, 3 in 1 jackets etc.

It is also important to know how to regulate your exertion. It is not a question of setting off to conquer the peaks as soon as the good weather returns!

Beginning by walking for a few hours on the flat will get your body going again and get you back in good physical shape before embarking on more difficult trips.

> Essential items

And of course always take something to quench your thirst and snacks for those little slumps.