Maintaining your mental and physical fitness

The mind is really important to the success of athletes. When your body is close to breaking, a strong mind can give you new strength to carry on to the end. Trail runners need to prepare themselves mentally before each race to achieve their more difficult objectives.

Dawa Sherpa, a Quechua Trail partner gives you all his advice for a good mental preparation and a physical form ready for any challenge!

- How important do you think mental preparation is compared to physical preparation?

For me mental preparation goes hand in hand with physical preparation. It would be a serious mistake to separate the two. The mental and the physical must be balanced because they depend on each another. During a race or a training session trail runners need these two strengths which complement each other and can be used to surpass yourself.

- You are currently injured, what are your tips for coping with injuries and how do you accept it?

An injury is a difficult test which can happen to anyone. No one is immune and you need to be aware all the time. The body is the basis of everything and it is impossible to go against an injury. Therefore, you must be able to take the injury as it comes.

The mind is essential to accept that you are injured and to ensure that the injury is beneficial. You have to rest, stay positive and not constantly rehash the fact that you can't run. In any case there is no choice so you must adapt to the situation and do everything you can to rebuild yourself physically. Do not forget that if you have the right mental attitude and the morale you will recover faster!

- What are your tips for preventing physical injury during the season?

To avoid injury you need to do things properly, reasonably, and take your time. On a daily basis a healthy lifestyle is paramount along with a healthy diet and proper rest periods. Listen to your body and take care not to over-train!

Good luck to you all and I wish you continued success!

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