Making an igloo

Have fun this winter, learn how to build an igloo.

There are two ways of doing it: the traditional way with blocks of snow, or the quicker Russian version.


Before you begin, you should be aware that for this method you need a bit of time, a shovel and a large amount of compact snow.

How to make an igloo

1. Choose a flat spot.

2. Draw a circle 2.50m in diameter on the snow.

3. Dig inside the circle for a few centimetres to prepare the base.

4. Next to the igloo, use your shovel to cut and extract blocks of snow approximately 50cm long and as wide as the shovel. You can also use plastic crates: like with sand castles, fill them with snow, compact it and turn them out.

5. To build the walls, first of all arrange your blocks of snow around the circle on the ground at a slight angle toward the inside. Then stack them gradually, and finish with the roof which must be like a vault. If there are a few of you, someone can stay inside the circle to hold up the structure throughout this stage.

6. Finally, dig the entrance to the igloo on the side opposite the wind, seal the small holes between the blocks and smooth down the inside to avoid water droplets forming.


This technique is quicker and can be used even when there's not much snow.

Follow the mountain hare

1. Find a flat piece of land.

2. Pile up several backpacks and sleeping bags to make a large mound.

3. Cover the pile with a survival blanket or a foam mattress.

4. Cover everything with snow (30 to 40cm thick), without packing it.

5. Dig out the door opening on the side opposite the wind.

6. Remove your pile of equipment by passing it through the door