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To allow for the development and practice of hiking, the French Hiking Federation (FFRandonnée) has created a playground which, today, includes nearly 180,000km of signposted routes. Discover how the routes are classified and maintained then find the hike that’s built for you! The majority of signposted hiking paths are created and maintained by the French Hiking Federation.

There are 3 main types of route and therefore three distinct signs: 

They are routes which represent trips of several days or even several weeks. They often allow you to visit regions like the famous GR20 in Corsica.

You will certainly have heard of others without knowing it, like the GR 65 taken by the Camino de Santiago pilgrims. You will recognise the GR by its white and red markings.

It differs from the simple GR with a route in the shape of a loop like for example the Morvan tour. It’s signing is yellow and red.

The PR® (Walking and Hiking) is often marked in yellow (but can be other colours). They are shorter and last a day at the most. Everyone can get what they want with local heritage or fauna and flora discovery routes. On the ground, you will see the colour signing of the routes via painted marks on rocks, trees, wall and posts Their frequency depends on the ground and the intended direction.

Before heading off, get all the information on your route, notably the following points: distance, gradient, length of hike and maximum altitude. There is no universal hiking classification system. However, some mountain resorts have classed their routes by level of difficulty like with ski runs (green for easy ones; black for difficult ones). You will also find indications in the walking guides. To find the route which suits you best, refer to the hiking guides. Some publishers even suggest themes like gastronomic or nature hikes. You’re sure to find the hike which matches what you want!

All the information is on the French Hiking Federation website:

Information provided by FFRandonnée.

Whatever your kind of hike, discover the products which are right for you!

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