Our tips for looking after your jacket properly!

You’re not sure how best to look after your down jacket? Don’t worry! You just need to master a few tricks. Emmanuelle, our product manager for the X-Light, shares all his tips to help you get the best from your purchase for longer!

First of all, we advise you to use dry cleaning as the best option to take care of your jacket.

But you can also look after it yourself, providing you follow the instructions below closely.

Here are the 3 steps for looking after your jacket properly.


1st step: washing
You can wash your jacket on a synthetic programme at 30°C using your normal detergent.  So that it keeps its volume during the wash, I recommend washing it with other garments or two clean tennis balls. This helps ventilate the down during washing!
I recommend you rinse it twice.

2nd step: after washing
When you take your jacket out of the washing machine, it will feel like the down has disappeared. I can assure you it’s still there, but being in the water has flattened it! You’ll restore it to its former glory when it dries.

3rd step: drying
This is the most important point in the care cycle!
I recommend drying in a tumble dryer using the synthetic programme. This is the best way to put the feathers back in place and restore their original volume.

As when washing, I recommend you ventilate the jacket during the drying period. With tennis balls or a sufficient amount of laundry in the machine to help keep it moving. Again, the aim is to aerate the down and allow it to return to its position within the quilting.

I also recommend you do 2 or 3 drying cycles so that the down is fully dry: this can be seen with the naked eye because the jacket’s quilting regains its volume, which you can feel when you press it. It helps if you pat the jacket between drying cycles to separate the feathers within the padding. 

If you do not have a dryer, you can of course dry your jacket on a clothes line. However, this might take several days, minimum 4 days. Make sure the jacket is open to the air on both sides. I advise you to turn over and pat your jacket regularly, several times a day to prevent the feathers from clumping together. Never dry your jacket on a radiator.

Caution: whatever your drying technique, if the down is not dried completely, the wet feathers will stick together and form small clumps which are then almost impossible to separate. It’s difficult to undo the damage.

If, despite these precautions, spots or odours appear, simply wash again, ideally at a dry cleaner’s. They will disappear.