Our tips to properly use hiking poles while descending

While hiking, like in speed hiking, descents are important parts of your course. Do you feel that they put a lot of stress on your knees and joints? Here are some tips to reduce pressure on them by using hiking poles!

You will completely forget these lightweight and compact hiking poles when climbing because they can attach to your backpack, but you will welcome them during descents.

What is the proper size for your hiking pole? It is up to you to see what you prefer, it is important to avoid hiking poles that are too long and may cause muscle pain to the muscles that lift up your shoulders.

They may be used in two possible ways:

- You are on a 'traditional' hike. You descend gently by supporting yourself on your hiking poles alternating from left to right in order to support and relieve the leg being used.

- You are speed hiking: the speed will limit support to the joints and the hiking pole will only help you slightly—by supporting you two times with the poles vs. six times with the legs (depending on your stride) and also for larger jumps (particularly on rough ground). You will support yourself using the hiking poles before placing your feet on the ground gently. On the other-hand, this uses your arms more.

Now, all that you have to do take on the descent!