Quechua tent guarantee

When used properly, all Quechua tent parts (inner tents, fly-sheets, storage bags, tent connectors and poles) are guaranteed for 2 years.

In the event of a manufacturing defect or abnormal product weakness, the defective part may be replaced. For the guarantee to apply, please take your receipt as proof of the date of purchase to the after-sales service of your local Decathlon store.

Bear the following in mind:

-Wind resistance:

With the exception of our high mountain tents (Bionnassay T1 and T3 models), our tents have not been designed to withstand winds of over 70 kph, or to support the weight of snow. A few centimetres of wet snow can suffice to damage the tent structure.

-Frost resistance:

The fibreglass poles have not been designed to withstand frost and ice. The risk of breakage is not very high but cannot be ruled out entirely.

-Intensive use (for communities):

Quechua tents have not been designed for intense community use (this applies to all models across the board). You will need tents with special zips for this. Lastly, community use may require the tents to meet fire safety class standards (M1, M2 and M3 in France).

-Ageing in the sun:

Quechua tents all have a polyester fly-sheet. This fabric has been selected for its good UV resistance. However, prolonged or non-stop exposure to UV rays (if for example you leave the tent out in the sun all summer long) may lead to premature deterioration of the most exposed parts.