Snow Contact: a sole for more grip and stick

Thanks to Snow Contact technology, Quechua has developed a new sole to ensure maximum grip when hiking on snowy terrain. Louise Chekroun, product manager for winter footwear, explains the design and features of this new technology.

It's by listening to those who go out hiking on snowshoes that the Quechua teams have become aware of the need to develop a special sole, capable of gripping even on snow. 

Designed for hiking in winter with or without snowshoes, these boots, equipped with Snow Contact technology, aim to perform perfectly on all surfaces, even the most slippery, such as snow or ice. 

Our priority: grip 

The Snow Contact sole is the result of extensive work by Research & Development within the Decathlon group. 

The grip has been improved through specific 5mm sole designs which act like crampons. So they are more effective than a conventional sole on snow. Furthermore, the sole component has been redesigned to be softer and more flexible and thus provide maximum grip. This technology means the sole can be compared to a winter tyre !  


"Snow Contact" certification 

Once the sole had been developed, numerous tests were used to validate the design. We carried out long-term field tests, in an ice rink and laboratory tests. For this, we went through a Quechua certification unit outside the project group working on the sole.

These tests carried out during product design allowed us to compare different solutions and develop a scale to measure the braking coefficient of our products. It is this new measurement that allows us to label products with Snow Contact technology. 

Louise Chekroun, Quechua product manager for winter footwear