How to fold and store your sleeping bag.

How you store a sleeping bag depends on its filling:

- How to store a sleeping bag made of down / feathers.

Down wears badly when it's compressed, so it's best to store a down sleeping bag in a wide compression cover.

Quechua down-filled sleeping bags are sold with such covers that allow easy storage without damaging the down, and without having to leave them unfolded (which saves space). Our tip, if you prefer to leave your bag unfolded: hang it flat on a hanger, like a pair of trousers.


- How to store a quilted sleeping bag.

On the other hand, a sleeping bag lined with wadding can be stored in the compact compression cover in which it's sold.

It's best to insert the sleeping bag " loose " in its cover (like in the video below), without folding it neatly. In this way, the wadding fibres will not always be crushed in the same place and you'll keep it in good condition for longer.