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Key points for successful camping

“Comfortable" temperatures provided on the covers of Quechua sleeping bags are established based upon standard European tests. However, sensitivity to the cold varies greatly dependent on individuals and weather conditions. Discover our 5 tips to no longer feel cold when under your duvet and to be on top form when setting off to explore the mountains !

Successful hiking

Do you only go hiking in the summer? Stay with us to discover how hiking is not incompatible with the winter. On the contrary, you will discover some new thrills and practices!

How do you prepare?

Walking in snow, mud, rain or ice can be difficult if you do not have the right shoes! Here are a few tips about the most important things you should check about your [hiking shoes] so that you will be at ease on all types of terrain.


The longer the hike, the more preparation is required. Do not forget meals, snacks and primarily, drinks to make your hike a success.

How do you prepare?

Are you sure you have correctly adjusted your hiking backpack? Do you know how all the adjustment straps are used? Discover how to correctly adjust your backpack to ensure maximum comfort during outings!

Key points for successful camping

Whether you need to preserve food or drink, your cooler is an important camping item! So here are a few suggestions for you to make the most of your cooler's benefits.