Want to know how to extend the speed hiking experience? The Quechua tracking app is made for you!

While speed hiking, you can easily measure your progress thanks to the Quechua Tracking app. It's the perfect tool to track your progress on a map, save your routes and keep a note of your feelings, without weighing you down!

Extend your speed hiking experience with the Quechua tracking app.

Having been introduced to the pleasures of speed hiking, you may want to make further progress while keeping a record of your mountain hikes? You can use Quechua tracking to measure your progress and save your routes! It's a modern enhancement that lets you be connected and hike in a way that adds to your safety.

- Quechua tracking is an off-road GPS system

The Quechua tracking app helps you to prepare for your speed hikes and points out your position in real time, providing information such as the start point, end point, estimated distance and altitude changes. You know exactly where you are and can see where you are going. These features are available even when you are in mountainous regions with a poor network coverage. All you need to do is use the option to download the base map you need in order to view it offline. In the event of an emergency, you can even send a screen-shot of your exact location to the emergency services.

Over time, you will be able to benefit from the contributions of the speed hiking community, which will add more detailed data and update shared data (elevation curves, types of vegetation, etc.)

- Quechua tracking—your version 2.0 sports partner

No need to weigh yourself down with a pedometer and stopwatch when you go speed hiking. Just download Quechua Tracking to your smartphone and it will store the history of your elevation changes, climbing speed, etc.—much needed data for mountain explorers!

As part of your training, you can use the collected data to enhance your hikes and improve your performance.

- Create your own Hikebook© with Quechua Tracking

What's more, you can use this app to create a Hikebook©, which is a sort of hiking photo album where you can record personal notes including selfies on mountaintops, your personal feelings, mountain animals encountered, etc. You can also activate the geotagging option to illustrate your route with photos on the base map.

When you get back, you can save you new mapped-out itinerary, or share it on social networks in order to encourage others to take a crack at it!