What equipment do I need?

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Hikes in the forest, trip to a glacier, or family walks… If you like hiking in all its forms, you know it's important to have a pair of sunglasses suitable for your practice. Almost as important as your shoes, hiking sunglasses ensure visual comfort and protect your eyes, even during exertion!
What equipment do I need?

Quelle différence d'imperméabilité entre une tente présentant un tissu imperméable à "2000 mm de colonne d'eau", et une tente qui passe le test douche de laboratoire à 200 litres d'eau par heure et par m² ?

What equipment do I need?

Whether you've decided on a sleeping bag for camping or bivouacking, with or without an in-built mattress, there are numerous options available to ensure a good night's sleep in the great outdoors.

What equipment do I need?

Unfortunately, compression bags for sleeping bags have not yet been included in the Quechua/Decathlon after-sales catalogue. You cannot buy them separately on www.quechua.com or in a Decathlon store.

What equipment do I need?

Make sure of a happy camping holiday by choosing the right tent, thanks to these tips from Jean-Baptiste Bonnafous, Tents Product Manager!