What should I do if my inflatable mattress gets punctured?

If, despite every precaution, your mattress gets punctured, here are 2 alternative procedures you could follow, depending on the type of leak you find.

1/ Leak other than from a seam area:

This type of leak can be repaired using the kit supplied with the mattress. (This kit comes with a set of instructions to guide you step by step).

If you no longer have this kit, you can also get inflatable mattress repair kits containing glue or patches for a quick and easy repair.

Click here to find your inflatable mattress repair kit.


2/ Leak from a seam:

To ensure the best possible after-sales service, we will exchange your mattress if it is found to be defective. Visit your Decathlon store, and our staff will make a decision based on the condition of your mattress. Please note: for this, you will not need to present proof of purchase. 


Finally, to avoid any nasty surprises with your mattress, learn to blow it up to the correct pressure and how to store it properly. Check out our tips in the following article: "Correct use of your inflatable mattress".