Arpenaz 100 Boys' T-Shirt

Réf :
Key feature
Cotton/polyester blend t-shirt is soft on the skin and wicks away perspiration. Organically grown cotton.
Available price from 24/12/2016 and while stocks last on Decathlon

5 colors

User benefits

Quick drying
Quick-dry guaranteed for the young hikers thanks to its polyester blend
Freedom of movement
Knitted fabrics: Naturally stretchy and comfortable.
Sun protection
Component which blocks 97% of UVA and UVB rays.
2-year guarantee.
Easy maintenance
Machine wash at 40°C, air dry or tumble dry on low.

Technical card

Ages 4 to 14
110 g in size 10 years
Other colours
Navy, Brown, Grey
Other colours
Yellow, Green, Blue
Approved by
Our teams of young testers in the Mont Blanc region.
All our garments are field-tested by users representative of our target market. In particular, our long duration field tests with children from the Mont Blanc region allow us to continually develop and improve our products.
Designed to
keeping your child dry during HIKES, WALKS, and LOWLAND HIKING.
2 years


Care instructions
Machine wash on normal cycle, 40°C max. Do not exceed the maximum machine load, as this can damage fabrics and wear them out faster. Fabric conditioner: no restrictions. Drying: air dry or tumble dry on low. Cool iron.
Storage Tips
Keep on a hanger or folded in a clean, dry place.


Sun protection
Clothing remains the best form of sun protection: opt for long sleeves, trousers and wide-brimmed hat. Note, wearing a T-shirt is not adequate protection: the thickness of the fabric, the density of the knit and even the colour can affect the level of UV rays blocked. SPF 40+/ 50+ certification demonstrates compliance with European standards. An SPF of 40+ means that 97.5% of all rays are blocked, and 50+ means that 98% of rays are blocked.
Durability of the components
Resistance to wear test: for example, we check that the fleeces do not pill using tests conducted in laboratories. Colour retention test: the colour fastness is verified to make sure that the colours do not bleed when coming into contact with saliva. Ageing test: Repeated washing must not alter the properties of the fabric, its shape, thickness or appearance.