You will never come across certain animals during your winter hikes. Indeed, they remain underground during this period and only come up again in the spring to enjoy the first rays of sunshine.

What does Hibernate mean ? Hibernation is a period of time during which the metabolism of the animal beats at a lower rate. This is possible due to the immobility of the animal and hypothermia (are you sure that the common man understands what I mean by hypothermia?). Characterized by a low heart rate and low breathing. Some brain functions stop. To survive animals that hibernate store large fat reserves during spring and summer.  Hibernate or winter rest? A bear, for example, contrary to what we think does not hibernate but winter rests. Winter rests are periods of drowsiness during the winter, however, the animals that winter rest maintain their body temperature and can quickly wake up and eat ( animals that hibernate wake up many times during hibernation also, but it takes them longer). Their brain remains active and reactive, so they can also react to danger. Female bears give birth and care for their young during this period. Discover the full version of this article in the last issue of the magazine Hiking on the Moon #8, special elments . MARMOTTESMARMOTTESMARMOTTESMARMOTTESMARMOTTESMARMOTTESMARMOTTES Credit photos : Project « marmotte alpine »

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