10 years of INNOVATION to feed your hiking memories.


2005 The 2 Seconds tent

You told us … : « Setting up and securing a tent properly is difficult. I want to be able to pitch my tent quickly and easily. »
… So we created: The 2 Seconds tent
« The tent that puts itself up in one single action! »
With its instant-opening system, this freestanding tent has revolutionised camping.You open it with a single movement, in 2 seconds flat.

2010 The Easyfit rucksack

You told us … : « I never know how to adjust my backpack properly. It's quite technical, and the result isn’t always ideal in terms of comfort. »
… So we created: The Easyfit rucksack
« The backpack that adjusts easily to fit your body shape! »
Its patented system lets you adjust the bag to suit your measurements directly as you’re wearing it in a very intuitive way. So you can wear it in customised comfort, from your shoulders down to your waist. This system means that, on average, its adjustability is 6 times better than a normal backpack.

2015 The Arpenaz Ice Fresh cooler

You told us … : « I'm less and less likely to use my cooler when I’m out and about because it’s heavy and bulky. And besides, when I get there, my food is no longer that cool. »
… So we created: The Arpenaz Fresh cooler
« The first inflatable cooler!" »
With its air-insulating capabilities, the inflatable cooler is 10 times more effective than a conventional model. You can take it anywhere and enjoy its effective performance, without looking at your watch all the time. 

2016 The Air Seconds Mattress

You told us … : « Inflating my mattress is exhausting and time-consuming. This is one of the parts of setting up camp I like the least. »
… So we created: The Air Seconds mattress
« The fastest inflating mattress there is! »
Our Air Seconds inflation system increases the air flow into the mattress by a factor of 10. So inflating your mattress is easy, quick and effortless.

2016 The EvoFIT boot

You told us … : « I love hiking, but there always comes a point when my enjoyment is spoilt by sore feet. Hiking boots never fit perfectly. »
… So we created: The Evofit boot
« The hiking boot that fits your foot, and not the other way round! »
With its Evofit technology, the boot gently adapts to the shape of your foot as you walk. Rediscover the pleasure of walking with these unique boots, which mould to your foot.