The Lofoten Islands, by Guillaume Bertrand

The Lofoten Islands : "a magic place between sea and mountain, breathtaking landscapes, a little haven to recover..."

This is the image let by this Norwegian archipelago to Guillaume Bertrand, an intrepid photographer. In May, he discovered this amazing territory located 200km far from the polar circle for a 6-day trek in solo and in self-sufficiency. To share this rewarding experience, he agreed to share with us some of his pictures taken on the island of Moskenesøy, where pitch his tent. Fjords nobility, picturesque villages, creeks that reveal a translucent water, snow covering the mountains and wild landscapes make of this paradise for hikers a world apart. Here are the links to see all the pictures of Guillaume Bertrand's trek: Lofoten Islands I - Lofoten Islands II The Lofoten Islands by Guillaume BertrandGuillaume Bertrand Lofoten IslandsIles Lofoten Guillaume BertrandIle de Moskenes Norvège Guillaume BertrandIles Lofoten Norvège Guillaume BertrandThe Lofoten Islands, snow, Guillaume BertrandLofoten Islands seen by Guillaume BertrandIles Lofoten trek Guillaume BertrandIles Lofoten trek en autonomie Guillaume BertrandIles Lofoten randonnée Guillaume BertrandIles Lofoten bivouac Guillaume BertrandIles Lofoten bivouac Guillaume BertrandBivouac Lofoten Islands Guillaume BertrandBivouac Lofoten Islands may Guillaume bertrand

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