Quechua Mountain Store

Our global production centre

The Quechua global design centre

Our global design centre is based at the foot of Mont Blanc (20km from Chamonix). This location makes it a real meeting place between our teams (designers, product managers, engineers...) and outdoor sports enthusiasts from around the world! An essential point for developing innovative products to meet your needs.



As designers but also passionate hikers, we want to limit our environmental impact as much as we can so as not to harm the area where we practise our sport. Our HQ has been designed with this in mind and has been granted the High Environmental Quality award:

Integration with the landscape

From the start of the project, there was a strong desire not to harm the environment. Our headquarters was therefore "tucked away" in the natural folds of the terrain so as not to spoil the view of the mountains. This approach also made it possible to hide part of the car park underground in order to limit the visual impact from the mountains. 

550 trees and 10 000 bushes were also planted on the site.


Rainwater collection

A rainwater recovery cistern allows us to provide for 100% of our water needs for our toilets and washing machines!  

(These machines are used to wash locker room towels and prototypes to check their washing performance). 


Energy optimisation


The roof with its solar panels makes us the biggest electrical energy producer in the region! 

This "green" building is air-tight and has triple glazed insulation to prevent any energy loss. And the multi-stage lighting adjusts automatically depending on the natural light to consume as little electricity as possible. 

In addition, its East-South-West exposure follows the course of the sun to capture the maximum amount of natural heat and limit winter heating. At the same time, the windows are positioned so as to avoid overheating in summer (and therefore excessive air conditioning).



Choosing the greenest materials

The materials used also meet strict specifications. The carpets are simply laid on the floor to avoid the use of solvents present in the glues. The main materials used are wood and raw concrete.

The cleaning products have also been carefully selected to avoid any internal contamination. 



Waste optimisation

Offices, catering, stores and logistics areas are equipped with recycling bins and composters

Soft mobility

Several times winner of the "soft mobility" challenge, the teams are encouraged to use carpooling, cycle ... and even come to work on horseback, with the provision of a dedicated paddock! Staff parking has recharging points for electric vehicles, while bikes and electric bikes are available to borrow for free for all local travel.

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Meetings with our users give rise to innovation. Our establishments are equipped with all the necessary infrastructures to enable our passionate teams to design products which improve on a day-by-day basis: prototyping workshop, customer feedback area, open-space, ... Do not hesitate to discover how our teams design innovative products every day, right from conceiving to the sales of the product.



To discover more, you can come and visit us and discover our establishments every Thursday from 10:30 to 12:00. It is possible to register by telephone (+33) or using our store's Facebook page.