Quechua Team

Our teams

Quechua's teams work every day to design and develop new innovative hiking and camping products


The Quechua brand employs more than 180 members of staff, all with a passion for mountain sports.Our teams are located at the foot of Mont-Blanc, the ideal spot to reflect on, design and test our products so we can better meet our users' expectations.

Our teams share the same passions, the same values and the same objectives: working together to make the world's mountains a little more accessible every day.


What are our business lines? Design and development, production, supply & logistics, communication, finance and many more!Are you passionate about the mountains?Are you interested in joining us? Don't delay! Send your CV to alvina.vasseur@quechua.com or visit our on-line recruitment section.

Not yet convinced?In 2014 we were listed as one of the top four best companies to work for.

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