Quechua Marque

Our values

Quechua is the Decathlon hiking and camping brand. Our objective is to create innovative, fail-safe products available to everybody.



The name Quechua nous originates from the Quechua people, located at the heart of the Andes, in Peru. It serves as an example of integration and adaptation to the mountain environment. Its members truly love the mountain, are able to protect such environment and reasonably source their materials. They developed a society based upon community, exchange and listening. Strong characteristics which lie at the heart of the Quechua.

Worldwide, we share a strong business culture, strengthened by our values: Sincerity, Vitality, Responsibility and Generosity.



Since its creation, Quechua has developed itself over the years thanks to its passionate teams, the love for the mountain represents a motivating factor which pushes us forward each day and which we want to convey via our products. This passion enables our teams to observe and listen to our customers, to design and test our products with a single, shared aim: to meet our customers' requirements.

Our aim is to make hiking and camping available to everybody, regardless of level. Quechua supports you when practising with its products and recommendations.