Quechua brand history

The Quechua brand was created in 1997 at the foot of Mont Blanc, in France. Discover the history of the brand from its establishment to the present day, via all its milestones.

1997 - Creation of the Quechua brand  

Logo Quechua

The Quechua brand was created in 1997 in Sallanches, in Haute Savoie (France). A team of 9 persons working within a 55 m² apartment converted into an office, designed, drew and selected the product colours. Less than a year, in the spring of 1998, the Group mountain brand offered all its products (hiking, climbing, mountaineering, ski and snowboarding) in all Decathlon stores.


2002 - Quechu makes its name in the outdoor sector

5 years after its creation, Quechua makes its name in the outdoor sector. The brand resonates with renown sportspersons whom use their expertise to support with innovative product development.


2005 - Launch of the 2 Second tent

"I dream of a tent which you just get out and it assembles itself" specified a user-tester in 2003. Challenge accomplished thanks to the months of work by Jean François Ratel and his team. Since 2005, Quechua has continually been innovating with the Easy technologies (easy folding), Illumin (interior lighting) and more recently, Fresh & Black (keeps cool and dark), allowing you to sleep longer in the morning whilst keeping cool.



2007 - Quechua sees the birth of Wed'ze

Logo Wedze

Celebrating 10 years, Quechua moves away from its ski and snowboard activities to create the Wed'ze brand. For its part, Quechua has refocused its activities on hiking. At the same time, it has risen to fifth largest outdoor material manufacturer in the world (in terms of turnover).


2014 - Inauguration of the new global creative centre 

In November 2014 Quechua and Wed'ze put together their new global creative centre. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, close by to where the brand was created, more than 300 persons work their daily to create evermore innovative products to satisfy the most demanding of users. Discover our global production centre