We consider a 100% of your reviews

Your comments are read by our engineers and product managers .

When you leave an online product review, it is read by our product managers. When we get negative feedback, our product managers reply to explain a technical point. They can continue the exchange to clarify the problem identified and improve the product accordingly.


Today you’re testing the Quechua products of tomorrow.

Our teams understand the importance of putting their innovations to the test on the ground. To try out a new product, nothing beats a test by the end user: you! An application and an exchange of e-mails is all it takes to put your name down as a "Quechua product tester".


You guide our designers, from the laboratory.

If you meet the selection criteria, which are different for each test, we will call you to come and test our pre-launch prototypes. You’ll spend time with our engineers within our design centre and out in the field. Your direct feedback and suggestions help us adjust our products to meet your needs, before being put on the market.


Here at Quechua, we design for you, with you.